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We know everyone loves shopping, we want to offer the world the opportunity to shop from any online market around the world and make the delivery seamless.

We are an international shipping service that allows you to shop from your favorite brands around the globe. We use our immensely experienced logistic partners to in turn provide you with the best possible shipping timings and market crushing shipping rates.

Shop from India, USA, UK, Hongkong, Singapore and Sri Lanka, we will provide you with a delivery address in those countries, Once the package has been delivered to the selected local warehouse we will re-package, consolidate with your other packages if applicable and deliver to your preferred address anywhere around the world.

Our name encompasses what we really do, ‘u-shop and v-ship’ You shop, and we ship for you! Shopping from other countries has never been so easy.

We currently have warehouses in 6 regions but are midst expanding to provide worldwide global connection to our customers.

Our Logistics Partners

Our logistic partners have over 3 decades of worldwide shipping experience. UBX and EZ worldwide our renowned for their swift and safe freight transit in multiple countries at different regional headquarters.

They offer real time in-transit reporting such that on-time deliveries are made on a daily basis. Our logistic partners give us confidence and assurance to maintain and forward your packages to you safely and in a timely fashion.

Enjoy Shopping Internationally

Shop globally from multiple leading E-commerce portals, we receive order, consolidate and ship to you.

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