How to use

Step 1

Register as a UshopVship Member

  • Sign up by providing your Name, Phone number, and Email address.
  • Upon registration, access your personalized warehouse addresses in the Addresses section.
Step 2

Place an Order from Your Favorite Brand

  • When ordering from a brand's website, use the unique address we've provided you. Incorrect use may result in delays or potential package loss.
Step 3

Declare Your Order on Our Website

  • After receiving a tracking number from the brands website, declare your order details on our site within the Place order section.
  • Ensuring accurate and complete details is crucial for prompt and secure delivery.
Step 4

Pay the Fee

  • Once your package reaches our warehouse, you'll receive a payment link.
  • Complete the payment, and we'll release your package from our warehouse.
Step 5

Sit Back and Relax!

  • Track your package in the Track order section by entering the Tracking number provided during declaration.
  • Your packages will be delivered within 3-4 days after payment confirmation. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with UshopVship!